Harcourt Homestead

Harcourt - Victoria


Defined by its sense of singularity, Harcourt is a robust family home of clean composition and strong materiality which amplify its striking Victorian Goldfields aspect.

The residence exudes resolve and simplicity through a silhouette which references the familiarity of a quintessential Australian homestead with its pitched roofline.

Inside, the home contains carefully planned zoned spaces across a children's wing and an adult’s wing which are intentionally separated by shared spaces to draw the family together.

The architectural precision of Harcourt's exterior is tempered by tactile materials, surfaces painted by the shadow play of sunlight and curated to express the patina of time and touch. Living artworks have been cultivated by expanses of glazing which frame constantly changing views onto the sweeping land beyond.

Harcourt is a reconciliation between the archaic story of its location and its overtly contemporary use of materials, motifs and forms long recognised as markers of an Australian home. Its design language engages deeply with its surrounds from the sound of rain on a tin roof to its constant vigil of the seasons which stand out against the mono-palette of its cool grey canvas.


Harcourt Victoria,


Residential, Building


403sqm House



We offer deep respect to the traditional custodians of this land and honour their ancestors who have nurtured and cared for this country for thousands of years. We pay homage to the living cultures, languages, and knowledge systems of the Noongar, Wurundjeri and all Indigenous Australian peoples.