The Bee Gees, Kings Cross 1970-71 - Rennie Ellis

Reimagining the built environment through the lens of Australian lifestyle and the human experience. Archive creates environments shaped by context and culture.

Archive is an architecture and design office underpinned by an immersive exploration of Australian culture and design. From the realisation of responsive, relevant and engaging spaces, to the cultivation of a digital journal which encourages a deep-dive into the myriad of influences that shape the built environment, we celebrate the profound value of design.

Led by architect and academic Joel Benichou, Archive unifies architecture, interior design, culture and objects to shape engaging places distinguished by atmosphere and craftsmanship.

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Perth & Melbourne, Australia
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The spaces we cultivate aim to elevate the human experience, reaching beyond pragmatics to introduce intrigue, foster social engagement and encourage a fluid dialogue between the built landscape and its surroundings.

Places that exude a sense of sanctuary to temper the busyness of the everyday. Places that encourage memory-making and reflect artistic endeavour alongside quality construction. Places refined by a methodology which draws on culture and human experience to craft environments where life is played out.

Based in Melbourne and Perth, Archive is a national studio working across diverse contexts and employs highly collaborative methodologies to create spaces that enhance liveability by remaining culturally sensitive and intuitively reflective of modern living patterns.

We offer deep respect to the traditional custodians of this land and honour their ancestors who have nurtured and cared for this country for thousands of years. We pay homage to the living cultures, languages, and knowledge systems of the Noongar, Wurundjeri and all Indigenous Australian peoples.