Sorrento House

Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula


Sorrento House seamlessly fuses an existing heritage dwelling with a pavilion hewn from earth and timber.

Sorrento House is a stunning piece of architecture located in the beautiful coastal town of Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula. It is a perfect example of sensitive integration between the existing heritage dwelling and the new rammed earth pavilion, which creates a harmonious and seamless transition between old and new.

The coastal locale greatly influenced the design of Sorrento House, with the use of natural materials and the incorporation of elements such as timber, stone, and earth. The raw materiality and textural expression of the rammed earth pavilion blend in with the coastal landscape, providing a connection to the earth and the natural environment.

The play of light throughout the day is an essential element of Sorrento House's design. Large expanses of glass allow natural light to flood into the pavilion, highlighting the textures and materials used in the construction. The glazing also provides framed views of the curated nature surrounding the building.

Traditional craft and modern construction techniques are seamlessly fused in Sorrento House's design. The rammed earth construction technique used for the pavilion is an ancient technique, but it has been adapted with modern construction methods and technology to create a structure that is both timeless and contemporary. This integration of traditional and modern techniques has created a unique and authentic architectural experience.


Sorrento, Victoria


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