Mornington Sub-Division

Mornington , Victoria


Designed to fit comfortably behind an existing dwelling, Mornington Subdivision aimed to sit comfortably within its context while standing out as a beautiful architectural feature.

The curvilinear form of the house is an essential aspect of the design, providing a soft edge and flowing aesthetic. The curvature of the house provides natural transitions between public and private areas, allowing for a seamless connection to the environment.

The house is divided into a series of clear zones, maximising the functionality of space while maintaining a compact footprint. The interior layout of the house is designed to maximize functionality and efficiency while still providing ample space for comfortable living. The division of the house allows for a clear separation of spaces, providing privacy and quiet when needed.

The house’s coastal location is reflected in the design, with a warm, timber finish throughout. The house is designed to be energy-efficient, with high-performance windows and insulation that help to regulate interior temperatures while minimizing energy usage. The compact size and efficient design of this house help to keep costs down while still providing all the necessary amenities for luxurious and comfortable living.


Mornington, Victoria


Residential Sub Division


Restored Building Co.


sqm House



We offer deep respect to the traditional custodians of this land and honour their ancestors who have nurtured and cared for this country for thousands of years. We pay homage to the living cultures, languages, and knowledge systems of the Noongar, Wurundjeri and all Indigenous Australian peoples.